So we found ourselves having a little dilemma at MOWGLI BOTANICS...

Occasionally, we have a wax melt that just doesn't make it through our quality control because we will only send you the very best!

But we HATE waste and want to have as little waste as we possibly can!

So we've found ourselves a solution which we're really pleased to present to you as


On the last Monday of every month we will have MISFIT boxes available for purchase with a 30% discount, for 24 hours only, which will have either 2 or 4 wax melts!

The wax melts will have the same great quality as all of our other wax melts, but with little imperfections in their appearance!

And here's the fun part... the boxes are a lucky dip, so we hope you enjoy trying a fragrance that you might not have tried before!

We hope you love your MISFITS box!


*all wax melts included in the MISFIT box will have great quality but will have imperfections in aesthetics

*no refunds or returns will be accepted

*duplicates of fragrances may occur 


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