How to Up-Cycle your MOWGLI BOTANICS Candle

Hey Guys!

We know it's a sad day when you get to the end of your MOWGLI BOTANICS candle... but the good news is it means you can do a re-order or try another one of MOWGLI BOTANICS candles guilt free (woo!) AND you can get creative!

On this blog, we are going to show you how to up-cycle one of our candles and give you lots of ideas along the way!

Did you know, it's really easy to get the last bit of the wax out of the candle vessel and you can also use the last little bit in a wax burner... yasss!

So follow these easy steps on this video and it is win win win every way you look!

Check out the video here!

Step by Step:

1. Light the wick and let the wax melt

2. Extinguish the flame

3. Carefully pour the melted wax into a silicone mould (be careful the vessel will be hot please use heat proof gloves and other safety protection)

3. Use tweezers to pull out the wick and sustainer

4. Wipe the excess wax in the vessel with kitchen towels

5. Once the wax is all removed add water

6. Add your foraged floral arrangement (top tip: use a hair tie at the stem to keep them together!)

7. VOILAAAA you have done an up-cycle

8. Take some pics and tag us in on social!

Thanks so much for joining us!